Kids Corner - September
St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
264 New Market Road – Dunellen, NJ - Phone: 732-968-4447
Rev. John Larson, Pastor -
Welcome back to all our Footprints Children!  And,  here comes Rally  Day and the celebration of the beginning of Sunday School  and Christian learning!
Sunday School News and News about Confirmation Classes  is out!  New curriculum has been chosen for everyone!  That should be fun for students and teachers, too!
A Pet Wash is an unusual Fundraiser, but “Why not?”  Pets certainly need a bath, too.  Color the pets the color of your pets, and color the people wearing clothes you would wear for this fundraiser!
Are you a Scout?  What is the color of your uniform?  Color the uniform the color of yours and put your Troop #  on the page!

Time to celebrate Grandparents Day, or someone who is like a grandparent to you. 
Color this picture for your Grandfather or Grandmother as a gift or a card… I’m sure they would love it!

Here is a fun Daily reminder to make and use as a book mark when you are back to your hectic schedule. 
For the older kids…here is a puzzle to solve called “God’s Plan”.  This is fun to work on and figure out.

Join us this Sunday for church service!