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Everyone’s welcome to a pizza party and then Caroling at Watchung Terrace on 12/11.  A great way to get in the Christmas spirit!  If you haven’t done it before – give it a try!

St. Luke’s Sunday School presents: The First Christmas on Sunday, December 18th at 10AM.  Come see all our kids shine!  There will be a coffee hour after the show, and we invite everyone to help decorate the church for Christmas Eve after the performance…  
This Church window you can decorate any way you want!  Church windows can have many different colors in each pane of glass, so create, color, and have fun!!  Remember to light your candles in the window to welcome guests into our church… 

Are you a naughty or nice angel?  Look at the bright side…either way, you are still an angel!   So, color this angel they way you feel inside when you are trying your hardest to be an angel.  I know when I feel jealous, my halo turns green and my wings turn blue… When I feel silly, my halo gets orange, my wings turn purple, my dress has a zebra print and my hands and feet get bright pink and start to clap and flap!  See what I mean?  Now you color your angel or maybe 2 or 3… 

Doesn’t that look great!  Color the wreath, the woman, and the delicious Christmas dinner the way you image this one would look and smell if you were there!  Have fun!

Remember, the whole reason we all get together to celebrate this important day in December is because it is the day Jesus was born!  Don’t forget to say “Happy Birthday” to Jesus in a prayer today, or sing it to the heavens!

For the older kids, or young ones with adult help you can make the Savior ornament by printing out the instruction and then solve the Word Puzzle by clicking, and printing on that image and fill in the blanks to A Promised Ruler.

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