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Start everyday with a good breakfast to be your best. 
Color your favorite breakfast foods.

Let’s pray every day! These people are going to Church. 
Color them ready for God’s house!

During Christmas we celebrated the birth of Jesus. 
Who has the next birthday coming up that you know? 
Color a cake and gifts colors you think they will like!

Our Church is collecting items for our Troops in January! 
Join in, and show our Troops we care… 
Color the packages cheerful colors to bring happiness wherever they go.

You are the king or queen of your castle. 
Color this castle your favorite colors – the way you would like your castle to look! 
Have fun!

A No-Sew Fleece Scarf! 
A great project for the older kids or the little ones with help!
Pretty much guaranteed fun!

Can you figure out A Caring Disciple puzzle? Good luck…

Hope this helps you though the Snow days of January!
Hang in there…can Spring be far behind?

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